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AIRTEVA Filters are next-generation air filters, unlike anything you've seen in stores, so unique they have been awarded (2) United States patents. They have been available for years, but only through professional service companies...until now. They simply replace your existing A/C or furnace filter. Once installed, the AIRTEVA Filter will transform the quality of the air you breathe.

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leak guard seal

To ensure that all the air and pollutants go through your air filter and not around it, AIRTEVA Filters feature a patented Leak-Guard Seal. When your air conditioner or furnace turns on, the difference in pressure causes an airtight seal. No bypass means you're filtering 100% of the air. That means the harmful particles get trapped in the air filter, rather than in the lungs of you and your family.

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AIRTEVA media: MicroSponge

Pets, dogs and catsImproves the quality of the air you breathe - Guaranteed.
AIRTEVA Air Filters are up to 600% more effective in capturing dangerous fine particles and fumes from your air, compared to ordinary store-bought air filters. Great for allergy sufferers and pet lovers!

Dr. Slavin
"I recommend the AIRTEVA Filter to all my patients. It is the most effective air filter I have ever used in removing airborne contaminants."
Herbert R. Slavin M.D. The Institute of Advanced Medicine

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No more aggravating trips to the store to try and match sizes, and winding up with a useless furnace filter! Your new AIRTEVA filter arrives ready to install, with nothing to assemble. It's completely backed by the Air Sponge 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee. Clean, fresh air and so convenient -- you owe it to yourself to give it a try.


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