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They Built A Better Furnace Air Filter.

Air Sponge's Furnace Filters have been engineered to eliminate the many problems found in ordinary furnace filters.  So unique, it's patented.  Awarded U.S. Patents # 5,525,136 , #6,007,596  Patents Pending

There has never been a furnace filter like it!

furnace filtersAir Sponge's commitment to quality has made its air filters the benchmark of excellence. Each filter is hand crafted using the same high-furnace air filterquality process -- precision crafted from a single piece of extruded aluminum.  In 28 manufacturing steps, your custom air filter is crafted to your exact size, and polished to perfection.  The Air Sponge custom furnace filter is created!   Quality all the way. Crafted in the USA!


In A Class By - Itself
In fact Air Sponge Air Filters are up to 600% more effective in capturing harmful fine particles, than the washable type electrostatic and cardboard type furnace filters.  That means the harmful particles are trapped in the air filter, not in the lungs of you and your family.

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Fresh Air Delivered to your door

Each furnace air filter arrives ready to install, nothing to assemble. 
Completely backed by the Air Sponge money-back guarantee.  Clean, fresh air and
so convenient -- why wouldn't you give it a try?

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 AIRTEVA  Air Conditioner Filter - BioPleat
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Custom Sized - Ships in 24 hours
Biosponge Plus AIRTEVA - AC Filter / Furnace Filter Custom Size
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Custom Sized - Ships in 24 hours
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