Air Sponge Frames

Choose a Frame that Works for You.

We hand make your permanent custom sized frame of sturdy aluminum and a permanently attached electrostatically charged screen. They won't bend, melt or warp like plastic or cardboard furnace filters. All filter frames are backed by An industry - leading 10 year warranty!

Our Original frame is a 100% aluminum channel frame and features a unique Leak-Guard Seal to eliminate bypass. To enhance performance, we
permanently attach an electrostatic screen. You simply press the air filter media into the filter frame.

AIRTEVA original

This unique air filter frame utilizes 4 hinges on the front of the frame. Opening the hinges allows you to place the filter media into the frame. When you close the hinges they lock, securing the air filter media.

The Snap filter system utilizes a two part frame. The two frame halves are held together by 8-12 very strong
neodymium magnets. To replace filters, just pull the frame apart. It’s so simple! As an added bonus, for systems that use multiple filters, Snap filter frames will cling to adjacent Snap frames, eliminating air bypass.

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