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AIRTEVA Filters are next generation air filters

AIRTEVA Filters are next-generation air filters, unlike anything you've seen in stores, so unique they have been awarded (2) United States patents. They have been available for years, but only through professional service companies until now. They replace your existing A/C or furnace filter. Once installed, the AIRTEVA air conditioning filter will transform the quality of the air you breathe.

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Custom Made

You'll get AIRTEVA's patented, custom-made air filter frame that's handcrafted to your exact size. That means you will always have a filter that fits perfectly! This permanent, 100% aluminum frame features a unique Leak-Guard seal that eliminates air bypass. Additionally, we have attached a permanent electrostatic screen as a final layer of protection to enhance performance.

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Our Filters Are Not Made of Cardboard!

AIRTEVA air filters are crafted from industrial strength aluminum alloy, not cardboard! Your permanent reusable frame is built to last. It's backed by a 10-year warranty. Good for the environment. No trees are harmed, and less waste goes to the landfill.

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To ensure that all air and pollutants go through your air filter and not around it, AIRTEVA Filters feature a patented Leak-Guard Seal. When your air conditioner or furnace turns on, the difference in pressure causes an airtight seal. No bypass means you're filtering 100% of the air. That means the harmful particles get trapped in the air filter, not in the lungs of your loved ones.

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The Perfect Combination

The combination of its perfectly sealed aluminum frame, and our advanced disposable air filtration inserts, puts this air cleaning system in a class by itself.

Saves You Money & Time.

When you have a clean heating/cooling system, you have lower electric bills, fewer repair bills, and longer-lasting equipment. Forget spending your weekend at the mega stores searching for air conditioner filters! We'll ship your replacement filters right to your door, and free shipping!.

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Your new air filter arrives ready to install, with nothing to assemble. It's completely backed by the Air Sponge 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee. Clean, fresh air and so convenient -- you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

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Household dust contains up to 1,000 different species of microbes, with tens of millions of individual bacterial cells in each gram. With recent scientific research on how the quality of our air impacts our health and well-being, we’ve learned that it can cause illnesses such as respiratory infections, increased blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer and that it is linked to autism in children. Not protecting the quality of the air you breathe is no longer an option.

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Perfect For Pet People!

Absolutely the best filter we've ever used. Outperforms Honeywell  MERV 10. We highly recommend Biosponge Plus - perfect for people with shedding pets!

Reviewed by: Melissa D