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Airteva Filters are next generation air filters unlike anything you've seen in stores, so unique they have been awarded (2) United States patents. They have been available for years, but only through professional service companies...until now. They simply replace your existing A/C or furnace filter. Once installed, theAirteva Filter will transform the quality of the air you breathe.

Why use a healthsmart home air filter

Dust mitesHousehold dust contains up to 1,000 different species of microbes, with tens of millions of individual bacterial cells in each gram. According to recent scientific research on how the quality of our air impacts our health and well-being, we’ve learned that contaminated air can cause illnesses such as respiratory infections, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and that it is linked to autism in children. Not protecting the air you breathe, is no longer an option.

Below is an example of what happens without proper air filtration.
The coils pictured below are evaporator coils. This is the part of your air conditioner that gets cold. All the air must first pass through this coil to be chilled before the air comes out of your vents into your room.

ac coils


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custom air filtersWe start by manufacturing the patented Airteva frame. This reusable, 100% aluminum frame features a unique Leak-Guard Seal to eliminate bypass. We'll make your new filter frame the exact size that you need, to ensure that your Airteva filter fits perfectly! They are guaranteed to fit all makes and models of air conditioners, furnaces and return air grills.

leak guard home air filters

What good is a filter, if everything goes around it?

To ensure that all the air and pollutants go through your furnace filter and not around it,
Airteva filters utilize a patented Leak-Guard Seal. When your air conditioner or furnace turns on, the difference in pressure causes an air tight seal. No bypass means you're filtering 100% of the air. That means the harmful particles are trapped in the air filter, rather than in the lungs of you and your family.



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Your Airteva filter frame includes a supply of refill(s). You select what type of refill goes inside your frame. Select the refill that suits your needs best, you can always switch to a different type any time you wish. (BioSponge Plus refills pictured.)

Refill air filter

Replaceable air filter media ensures a clean, fresh air filter every time. Changing filters is a snap, and you only need to change the filter every 2-3 months.

Cigarette Smoke Challenge

odor control

carbon filter

How do Activated Carbon filters remove odors?

Activated Carbon filters have the ability to capture gas molecules and hold them. The Activated Carbon filter surface is made up of millions of tiny pores, the gas and odors fall into these pores and are trapped there until the air filter is disposed.
A single Activated Carbon filter has a flattened surface area of a football field.

zeolite air filter

How do Zeolite air filters remove odors?

A three dimensional, micro-porous natural earth mineral, thermally bonded to polyester. Zeolite has the ability to remove Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C.) and gases. They are trapped in the void porous cavities in the filter. It is especially useful in removing Ammonia and ammonium compound odors such as pet odors and urine odors.

Pets, dogs and catsImproves the quality of the air you breathe - Guaranteed.
Airteva Air Filters are up to 600% more effective in capturing dangerous fine particles and fumes from your air, compared to ordinary store bought air filters. Great for allergy sufferers and pet lovers!

Dr. Slavin
"I recommend the Airteva Filter to all my patients. It is the most effective air filter I have ever used in removing airborne contaminants."
Herbert R. Slavin M.D. The Institute of Advanced Medicine

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No more aggravating trips to the store to try and match sizes, and winding up with a useless furnace filter! Your new Airteva filter arrives ready to install, nothing to assemble. It's completely backed by the Air Sponge 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee. Clean, fresh air and so convenient -- you owe it to yourself to give it a try.


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