Modern hotel lobby with advanced air filter system for clean air quality

Elevate Your Guest Experience with Airteva

In the hospitality industry, the comfort and safety of your guests are paramount. Airteva air filters bring a new standard of cleanliness to your environment, ensuring each breath your guests take is as refreshing as their stay.

Pristine Air Quality

Imagine walking into a hotel room where the air is noticeably fresher. With Airteva, this is the reality. Our filters ensure that every breath your guests take is clean and refreshing, enhancing their overall experience.

Hotel air filters providing fresh and clean indoor air for guests

Energy Efficient and Cost-Effective

Designed to enhance efficiency, reducing energy costs while maximizing air purification.

When you have a clean heating/cooling system, you have lower electric bills, fewer repair bills, and longer-lasting equipment.

Seamless Integration

Airteva filters are engineered with a versatile design that guarantees compatibility with any hotel HVAC system. This design simplifies the upgrade process, ensuring a seamless and efficient integration. Regardless of the existing system in your hotel.

Modern hotel room with advanced air filter system for clean air quality
Eco-friendly air filter in luxury hotel setting

Health and Wellness

Elevate your hotel's allure by safeguarding the health of your guests and staff with our state-of-the-art air filtration system. This proactive approach not only minimizes the risk of airborne illnesses but also demonstrates your commitment to providing a safe, clean, and comfortable environment.

Air Filter Media Options

You can choose the type of air filter media for your frame based on your needs and switch types at any time. Optionally, you can add media for odor and V.O.C. control if necessary.

Air filter media MERV 7 - 14
reusable air filters

Good for the Earth

The AIRTEVA air filter is a sustainable and eco-friendly hotel filter option. Made with a 100% aluminum filter frame, you reuse your frame for the life of your A/C unit. No cardboard means less waste and more trees.

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Discover the Benefits of Purified Air in Hotels: Enhancing Guest Comfort and Safety

  • Airteva filters offer hotels more than just air filtration. They effectively eliminate a wide range of contaminants, including odors, dust, allergens, bacteria, gases, chemicals, and VOCs. This leads to cleaner air and improved indoor air quality (IAQ), while also reducing energy use and carbon emissions. 

  • By using these filters, hotels can gain loyal customers and higher ratings. Clean air ensures guest comfort and health, enhancing their experience during both business and leisure stays.

  • These filters are also cost-effective. They help lower energy expenses, which can be a significant part of hotel operating costs. By improving air quality with energy-efficient filters, hotels can save money without compromising guest comfort. 

  • Furthermore, Airteva filters reduce the need for frequent cleaning by trapping dust and preventing it from settling in rooms. 

  • Lastly, these filters create a healthier environment for hotel staff, protecting them from infections and boosting their productivity.