Plus Annual Filter Kit for Amaircare 3000 or 3050 Air Purifiers

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Part Number:AM3000-RPK
  • Replacement filters to keep the unit running at maximum efficiency
  • Origin : Canada
  • V.O.C.'s (Volatile Organic Compounds) are gasses and chemicals that are emitted in your home from objects and products like: paints, household cleaning chemicals, furniture etc.
  • Carbon acts as a sponge to adsorb V.O.C.'s. The standard carbon blanket that comes with every Amaircare product is a very effective 'sponge', but with carbon, the more surface area there is, the more V.O.C.'s it can adsorb. So, the more carbon the better.

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Includes (3) Carbon Pre-filters & (1) 12 pound V.O.C. filter. This kit lasts for one year. Replace pre-filters every 4 months and V.O.C. filter yearly.

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