Each package contains (2) refills
Each package contains (2) refills

Zeolite Air Filters (2 Pack)

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  • Provides maximum protection against airborne V.O.C.'s
  • Helps keep your air smelling fresh
  • Includes: (2) replacement pads
  • Efficiency: 80% Arrestance
  • Air Flow : 05 W.G. @ 300 FPM
  • Maintenance: 90 Day refill life
  • Filter Thickness: 1/8 inch

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What is Zeolite?
Zeolites are three dimensional, microporous, crystalline solids with well defined structures that contain aluminum, silicon and oxygen in their regular framework; V.O.C. and gases are trapped in the void porous cavities. Zeolites are natural minerals that are mined in many parts of the world.


How does Zeolite remove odors?
A natural earth mineral thermally bonded to polyester. Zeolite has the ability to remove Votile Organic Compounds. It is especially useful in removing Ammonia and ammonium compound odors such as pet odors and urine.

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