Biosponge Plus HealthSmart - AC Filter / Furnace Filter Custom Size

Customer Reviews

3 Stars
Filter Frame
I had not wanted a filter frame. I already had one. Yet description that was provided me did not indicate a frame was included. I thought I was getting simply refills. The descriptions were not clear and the available options were very difficult to select the right one. Not user friendly. This was the first time I ordered the extra filtering sponge but the option for refill only was not available to me.
Reviewed by:  from Benton City. on 3/5/2017
5 Stars
Just bought a house, and ordered a custom filter frame & year's worth of Biosponge filters. I've been using these products for a long time - this will be the 3rd home that I've used these filter systems.
Reviewed by:  from Stuart, FL. on 1/16/2017
5 Stars
Its working great ??
Reviewed by:  from Florida . on 7/16/2018
5 Stars
Biosponge Filter
Biosponge a/c filters are well worth the money. After renovating my house dust was a constant problem; we tried everything to reduce the dust in the house and nothing seemed to work. After switching to Biosponge filters there was a noticeable difference in the amount of dust within a few days. these filters are great!!!! The customer service at this company is second to none, receptive, professional, and courteous,
Reviewed by:  from Boca Raton. on 2/13/2018
5 Stars
great filters
I've been using Filter Factory filters for many years now. They always fit and the air is well filtered. No buildup of dust and fibers on the AC/Heater coils.
Reviewed by:  from Bessemer, Al. on 12/19/2016
5 Stars
I bought filters from Filter Factory for my furnace intake. They were very good with helping me get what I needed in the exact size I needed and shipped very promptly. I would highly recommend Filter Factory specially for hard to find size filters.
Reviewed by:  from Greenbelt. on 10/17/2016
5 Stars
Totally pleased
Many years ago, my a/c maintenance man suggested I use these filters specifically as I had rescue pets with long fur. He explained the new one I purchased at big box store was excellent but too dense for my system. I ordered these immediately and have been extremely satisfied with the filters and the fast, efficient service of your company. I have ordered these filters for many years. Totally pleased and will continue to order. Thank you. Betsy Webb
Reviewed by:  from Home. on 8/19/2016
5 Stars
Chief cook and bottle washer!
The previous owner of our house was using these filters when we bought it. I had one extra filter and when it was dirty I bought a replacement at Home Depot. I used the replacement less than a week and then gave Filter Factory a call and asked then to please ship some Biosponge Plus refills in a hurry. These filters just work better and last longer than other commercial brands.
Reviewed by:  from Plantation FL. on 8/3/2016
5 Stars
Great Product, Great Service
Filter Factory provide terrific service. I have my filters within a week of placing my order on line. The filters are wonderful quality and because they last longer than ordinary filters, the cost per month is comparable to the high end store bought filters I used to buy. One of the great advantages is not having to run out to the store to buy filters. Additionally, because the Biosponge filters are placed in a permanent, metal frame that fits my a/c unit exactly, I get the benefit of greater efficiency and better dust capture without negatively affecting air flow.
Reviewed by:  from Pembroke Pines. on 7/10/2016
5 Stars
Excellent Product.
Excellent Product. Have been using this filter for more than nine years and wouldn't buy any other. service is wonderful, delivery in a few days. GREAT COMPANY!!
Reviewed by:  from Coral Springs. on 6/13/2016
5 Stars
Best ac filters ever
The absolute best ac filters period. The custom sizing is boss also. They were delivered in two days & it was the lowest price that I could find & free shipping to boot.
Reviewed by:  from Margate. on 4/14/2016
5 Stars
Best Yet
Wife has Pulmonary Fibrosis, clean air is very important. A/C runs a lot in Florida and these filters have significantly reduced the dust blown around. They last for 3-4 weeks under these conditions. I even cut them into 5x3 pieces for filtering dryer output.
Reviewed by:  from Stuart, Fl. on 12/19/2015
5 Stars
Loyal Customers
Best filter ever!!! Been using these filters for 22 yrs. To get an AC in FL to hold up for 21 yrs is unheard of. I attribute it to these filters for keeping the inside handler cleaner that any other. I've got a new AC & I will be using these. Have recommended them to others and they're pleased. Love company's email reminders & discounts!! PLEASE keep making them!!
Reviewed by:  from Florida. on 11/1/2015
5 Stars
Great Product
I have been purchasing my air conditioner filters from Air Sponge for a number of years and have never been disappointed. Process is easy and the Biosponge plus filters do a great job! I get six at a time and change them monthly when I get my electric bill. My AC stays clean and the filters collect dirt and dust particles. I am very pleased with Air Sponge Filter Company.
Reviewed by:  from Coral Springs. on 10/6/2015
5 Stars
Best AC Filter on the market :)
Hi, Just writing a quick thank you note for the very efficient handling of my recent order. The whole process was seamless and your AC Filter products bar none are the best on the market. Looking forward to making future orders. Sincerely, Mike Friedman
Reviewed by:  from Boca Raton. on 8/29/2015
5 Stars
Nice Structure and Great Fit
These filters are easy to install and have a nice good well structure fit great. If difficult to find local hardware store does not carry my filter size. Online ordering and free shipping was very convenient.
Reviewed by:  from Orlando, Florida. on 7/20/2015
5 Stars
Great Filters, Does Intended Job At Affordable Price
These filters were recommended by the installer when I bought a new AC system almost 4 years ago. I have a 5 ton system and the filter size I've never found at any local retailer that sells pre-sized package filters. These are convenient because I get the exact size I need and they also do a great job of filtering the air. Not much else can be said, except I will continue to buy from Filter Factory.
Reviewed by:  from Fort Lauderdale, FL. on 7/16/2015
5 Stars
AC Filters for a Florida home with 4 big dogs
Best filters I've found so far. Combined with the charcoal mesh filters my house can stay relatively fresh smelling. A very difficult thing with hot Florida days and 4 large, sometimes damp from swimming, indoor (for the most part) dogs. Great filter combos and customer service long term customers aren't recognized or given coupons as they should be, but that can be overlooked because of the cleaner air you breathe.
Reviewed by:  from West Palm Beach, Florida . on 6/16/2015
5 Stars
Been using this filter for 20 years....very satisfied with the product
Reviewed by:  from Florida. on 5/6/2015
5 Stars
Quality filters, Reasonable prices, fast delivery
We used to purchase our odd sized, ceiling mounted expensive filters from Flanders distributors but is always was a hassle to remember the size who to call, etc. . We found the filter factory and they custom made us an aluminum frame to fit the filter opening and now all we need to do is purchase the filters, saving us $ when you compare the monthly costs between them and the competition. They remind me periodically when it's time to reorder and my filter order history is online (they offer a number of filter insert types so you can keep track of all the ones you've used), offer an annual $5 coupon and delivery is amazingly fast (might be because we live in the same city). I used to like having the option to pick them up but they do not offer this service anymore but the free shipping more than makes up for it.
Reviewed by:  from Coral Springs, Fl. on 5/6/2015
5 Stars
Very good service
It was a very good service and a quick delivery. This is the second time we are ordering these filters and we have been very happy with the firm.
Reviewed by:  from Washington, DC. on 3/1/2015
5 Stars
Great Fit
These filters are easy to install and fit great. My local hardware store does not carry my filter size. Online ordering and free shipping was very convenient.
Reviewed by:  from Delray Beach, FL. on 2/16/2015
5 Stars
Dust magnet
These filters are easily installed and last 2 months. They have decreased the dust in my house by 50% at least. I have used these for 5 years and will continue to do so. Great product.
Reviewed by:  from Mississippi. on 1/18/2015
5 Stars
Biosponge Filters
Been using for years. Love the customer service and ease in ordering on line with quick delivery.
Reviewed by:  from Coral Springs,Fl. on 10/13/2014
5 Stars
Best Filter on the Market
We've been using the biosponge filters for years and we're convinced that this is the best filter for home hvac systems available on the market.
Reviewed by:  from Wellington, FL. on 10/12/2014
5 Stars
Clean , filtered air is an essential part of life.
Everyone knows that Las Vegas is a desert. Dry, hot and windy. This ,of course is the perfect climate for dust and pollen. I have lived here for 35 years and have always suffered from allergies. I made the decision to go with these filters about ten years ago. It changed everything. The amount of dusting my Wife does is now cut to 25%. She is very happy and our breathing is almost allergy free, (And we own an Akita). The pay off came when I had my Air unit serviced after ten years, using this filter. The service Guy came down from the roof and said, "Is that a new unit?" NO, it is ten years old, why? "It is like new" he said. Worth every penny.
Reviewed by:  from Las Vegas,NV.. on 9/28/2014
5 Stars
Excellent/keeps inside if air conditioner clean
Excellent! Amazed our serviceman! Inside of unit in garage, clean as day one. Very happy with this product because it really works. It stops the dust and dirt at the filter, like it is suppose to!
Reviewed by:  from Davie, Fl. on 9/22/2014
5 Stars
Simply the Bestā€¦Biosponge Plus
In 1997 my wife and I built a custom, energy efficient home in the Ozarks. We wanted a home heat/cool filter system that would protect the quality of the air in the home, prevent contaminants from gathering in the duct work, significantly reduce the possibility of mold, and not retard the air-flow potential of our air circulation system. We chose Biosponge Plus, and have been using this product ever sinceā€¦17 years. After all, it is the most significant filter that protects our breathing. During the pollen seasons in the Ozarks, I can count on my Biosponge Plus to significantly reduce my allergies in my home. My repeat business says it all. We started with Biosponge, and we're sticking with it.
Reviewed by:  from Ozark Mountains. on 9/12/2014
5 Stars
Delivers as promised
My hvac contractor introduced me to the biosponge filter years ago while installing a new sytem and I haven't used anything else since. Never let's me down and customer service at Filter Factory is top shelf.
Reviewed by:  from Florida. on 9/8/2014
5 Stars
Happy Wife-Happy Life!
We moved into this home last Sept. The filter was clean. When it was time to replace the filter I bought the same type of filter that was being used. I bought it from the Filter Factory. I am on my 3rd filter and these are the best filters I have ever used. I am 70 yrs old, and have lived in 5 homes (all with furnaces/air requiring a filter) and these are great! The air is cleaner than you would believe, the filters are easy to change, and they REALLY WORK! Wife is happy! All is well here!
Reviewed by:  from Southwest Florida. on 4/21/2014
5 Stars
Been using them for years - work great
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Austin. on 2/18/2014
5 Stars
Love it
This is our second HealthSmart filter frame. We've been using your filters for more than six years and recently had a new AC unit installed and immediately ordered a new HealthSmart. They fit perfectly, are very, very sturdy - much more sturdy than the cheap-o cardboard frames in typical filters - and the filter element is great.
Reviewed by:  from Doylestown PA. on 8/12/2013
5 Stars
Our allergies seem to disappear
I have been using the Biosponge filter for close to 15 years. I would not use any other. It works extremely well. We have hardly any dust in the house and our allergies seem to disappear when we get into our house.
Reviewed by:  from Boynton Beach, Fl. on 1/31/2013
5 Stars
Biosponge Plus review
I have purchase this product for 3 years now, and I can say the product as well as the company is great.
Reviewed by:  from Wellesley, Ma. on 12/10/2012
5 Stars
Great product! Great price! Great delivery!!
What a great product! Having four bullies, these filters are a must!they collect all the dog hair & dander & keep my house smelling great! If you have dogs these are the filters for you. Thanks again for a great product & service!
Reviewed by:  from Sunrise, FL. on 11/25/2012
5 Stars
They do a great job
Have been using Biosponge filters for app 8 years. They do a great job and my a/c technician tells me to keep on using them. He said they are better than the filters he uses at home.
Reviewed by:  from Fort myers FL . on 11/8/2012
5 Stars
So easy to remove and replace
These are great products. Remove so much air pollutants and improves the air quality in my house. Decreased replacement time over other filters I USED to use. So easy to remove and replace. The only thing better is the person who answered your phone and helped me!
Reviewed by:  from Plantation, Fl. on 11/7/2012
5 Stars
Love my BioSponge Plus filters!
We've been using a larger one since 2002 and love it. Now with our new energy efficient AC system, they had to add 2 more intakes so I immediately ordered 2 more frames and filters to fit them. With 2 dogs, we do have to change the filters a little more frequently because the filters not only trap the dust, they trap dog hair, too!
Reviewed by:  from North Fort Myers, FL. on 11/7/2012
5 Stars
Bio+ Filters
This is a great product at a reasonable cost. We've tried others and this is the one we're sticking to.
Reviewed by:  from Coral Springs, FL. on 10/30/2012
5 Stars
Able to breathe better
Filters are made well,they work well, and reasonably priced. Notice my nose is not as stuffy in the mornings with these filters. Able to breathe better during the day. Seem to do a good job. Will probably continue to buy from Filter Factory.
Reviewed by:  from Ohio. on 10/9/2012
5 Stars
Biosponge Plus
I have been using this item for over 10 years and absolutely trust it, I recommend this product to all who has any forced air unit in there home .Thanks Filter Factory for the excellent service.
Reviewed by:  from Cooper City Fla. on 9/26/2012
5 Stars
Reviewed by:  from West Palm Beach, Florida . on 8/9/2012
5 Stars
They are a must in our home!
We have purchased the Biosponge Plus air filters for over 19 years. They are a must in our home! Dust is very limited and I do believe it is because of the air filters.
Reviewed by:  from Coral Springs, Florida. on 7/30/2012
5 Stars
Thank you for such a good product!
I have used Biosponge Plus filters in the past and have found them to be extremely beneficial in removing dust and other contaminants from our home. Thank you for such a good product!
Reviewed by:  from Weston, Ohio . on 7/30/2012
5 Stars
Thanks for a fantastic product.
We have been using this filter for many years and are very pleased with the product. My wife has severe allergies and this filter does help tremendously. I would and do recommend this product to many people. Thanks for a fantastic product. Ray K.
Reviewed by:  from Hollywood, FL. on 5/22/2012
5 Stars
Biosponge Plus filter user
Been using these filters for 5-6 years, and they work great to filter out cat hair, dust, and other stuff that the kids and animals drag into the house. Have a custom aluminum frame made by Air Sponge Filter Company that the filter fits into. Very happy with this product.
Reviewed by:  from Redding, CA. on 4/14/2012
5 Stars
Absolutely Satisfied
I've lived in Florida for the past 26 years and have gone through three air conditioners. I have used your product exclusively--absolutely satisfied---really stops all dust and dirt---just had my ducts cleaned and they are almost all clear---shows you what a good filter can do.
Reviewed by:  from Fort Lauderdale, FL. on 2/21/2012
5 Stars
I am a true believer and will never change.
With multiple pets and allergens, I have been searching for what I believed the perfect filtering system. The Biosponge system has come closest to giving me that system. I am a true believer and will never change.
Reviewed by:  from San Antonio, Texas. on 12/30/2011
5 Stars
HealthSmart Filter
I love my new HealthSmart Air Filter!! The custom made frame fits perfectly into my new unit. The pads are so easy to change and I am so happy to be breathing clean air!! Thank you for the quick delivery and great service!
Reviewed by:  from Parkland, FL. on 8/27/2011
5 Stars
HealthSmart Air Filter System
Product was better than expected, easy to use. Expect that it will filter air "with the greatest of ease".
Reviewed by:  from ORLANDO, FL . on 8/23/2011
5 Stars
Finaly, a custom fit filter that fits like a glove!
No more buying cardboard filters that just come close. Lightning fast shipping. I highly recommend Filter Factory for a permanent solution for your filter needs.
Reviewed by:  from miami, fl. on 8/21/2011
5 Stars
One of the best investments I have made.
My allergies have improved and I feel my house is definitely cleaner with less dust. This is one of the best investments I have made.
Reviewed by:  from Dallas, Texas. on 1/13/2011
5 Stars
Their product is wonderful.
With all of the illnesses we now have due to Katrina, our household has stayed well since putting in their A/C filters. It has made a huge difference with our allergies. My husband put our old (permanent) electro-static filter in last week because he was unable to find the Air Sponge filter. We have all come down with a sinus infection this week! Back on the meds we haven't had to take since purchasing their product in February. Thank you Air Sponge Filter Co.!
Reviewed by:  from LA. on 8/1/2006
5 Stars
Great innovation!
Awesome products. Great innovation. Products really work.
Reviewed by:  from South Florida. on 7/14/2006